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Creative Director

Simon has worked on two continents, in three cities and for four networks and has been rewarded in more ways than one for his work on Rolex. He has worked on every kind of advertising account from fashion to baked beans, Mexican tequila and French beer, Italian tyres, the best Swiss watches and a variety of cars. Simon has been vetted by HRH Queen Elizabeth’s agents (positively) and has her seal to prove it.


He has been lucky to work with some of the best in the business – both clients and agency. His time in London, NYC and now Detroit has given him an incredible opportunity to work with and lead teams on a wide range of projects. With a solid grounding in broadcast and print, along with a healthy appetite for digital and how it can all come together – because the solution may not be just another advertising idea.


Simon has been member of D&AD since 1994, has won several awards across the globe and his work has been showcased at industry events, in annuals and leading periodicals.